ID#: 4156
Category: Industrial
Description: Tired of trying to squeeze your production into a third story loft? We can help! Whether you want to shoot a model, product, or a car, our studio can do it all! With our high ceilings, roll up gate, and ground level access we can accommodate cars, trucks, vans, or even motorcycles inside our warehouse style photo/film studio, which allows you to control everything about how your shoot turns out. With that type of clearance loading and unloading everything from equipment to the product you are shooting becomes a breeze. Turn day into night with our ability to blackout our space. You can even put together your own sets! So, whatever you need to shoot, be it a model, band, film, or even a car bring it over and we can help you out! Sound too good to be true? It isn't, call or text rick at 818-795-5843 for more details! Trust us, if you aren?t using our studio, you are doing yourself and your production a disservice.

*Early Bird Special: $15/hr between 9am-1pm (2-hour minimum) Monday ? Friday*
Standard Rate: $20/hr all other times.

Large, affordable, photography and film location for rent. 1260 Square feet with lights, white background, and power box available. Ground level access with large roll up gate 8 ft tall by 11 ft wide, can fit most cars, small trucks, vans, and motorcycles for easy loading and unloading of equipment, or for indoor photography of vehicles, or product. High, unobstructed, ceilings with natural and florescent lighting, or blackout, available and a large, secure, private parking lot outside. Two restrooms available.

We own a family run factory which produces women's swimwear and apparel, and have set up a film/photo studio using some of the available space in our warehouse. We have racks of swimwear and clothing available for shooting, especially for up and coming models who need to expand their portfolio.

Flexible hours and equipment storage available, contact Rick for more details.

Studio Features:
-High ceilings
-Natural lighting
-Florescent lighting
-Blackout Available
-Ground Level Access
-Roll up gate
-Indoor photography of vehicles
-White Background, lights, and power box available
-Ample outlets for extra equipment or charging
-Access to clothing racks for models
-Two restrooms
-Large secure private parking lot adjacent to studio and secluded from street
-Long Term Storage Space
-Green Screen available upon request
-Flexibility, create whatever you can imagine!

We will match or beat any other studios published rate. [read more]