How it works:

At Reel Locations our job is to market your property to location scouts and filmmakers in search of a property just like yours. is a film location directory and promotional service. When a property owner, whether residential or commercial, purchases a listing with us they get their own web page dedicated to their property with up to 30 photos. Location scouts and filmmakers search for properties based on the information provided by you. They can search by type of location such as residential, commercial, industrial, etc. They can also search by architectural style, zip code or by keywords given in your property description.

If your property has potential to be a location for their project, our members will request your information, provide details about their project and we send those details to you.

If you want this company to have your information, we release it with your permission and from there you discuss details, your day rate and requirements with the production company contact.

How is Reel Locations different from a typical location service?

Reel Locations is a film location directory and promotional service. Unlike location services we do not take a percentage of the fee paid to you by the production company. You keep 100% of the income earned by renting your home or business as a film location.

How do I know if my property has the potential to be a film location?

Filmmakers use all types of properties as film locations. If you would like to know if your property has the potential to be used as a film location, send us a photo of the exterior of your property along with a brief description and your address.

We will let you know if your property qualifies.

How do I know if my property has the potential to be a film location?

Your information is private and will never be shared with a third party without your permission.

    To purchase a listing:

    To list your property on, first create an account. After that step is complete you may login to your account and "Add a Property". For a price list, click here.

    To Cancel a listing:

    There are two ways to cancel a listing at
    1. 1) Contact us with your username and/or property ID, and we'll cancel your listing for you.
    2. 2) In your Member Account area, click the delete button next to your listing. This will alert us to your plans and we will confirm via email that your billing profile is deleted from our system.

    Please note our Terms of Service before making a purchase.

    When guests and other property owners view a listing on Reel Locations, the following information is revealed.
    • Your listing’s ID number
    • Description
    • Architect if any
    • Style of Structure
    • Property Features
    • Square Footage
    • Images (which ever photos you include)
    Location and contact information about your property is requested through a form accessible to Location Professionals. Once the request is received, we verify the user’s project details, forward you the information and send the Location Professional your contact information with your permission.

    Only Location Professionals who have been screened to verify their employment as Location Professionals may view your property information on Reel Locations.

    Location Professionals must submit a request for your contact and location information as it is not immediately available on the website.

    Your information will never be available to anyone who is not a subscriber to Reel Locations and only with your permission.

    The amount of income earned by hosting film companies varies depending on the type and size of the property and the budget of that production. It can range from $1,000.00 per day for a small business or residence to $10,000 or more per day for a mansion or large business. In the case of your primary residence the income may be tax free. Consult your accountant for details.

    Email Blasts are newsletters we regularly send out to our Location Managers, Scouts, Directors and Producers. This extra service puts your property directly in front of their eyes when they open their email.

    Exclusive Email Blasts are the same as regular Email Blasts, however, when the email goes out to our location managers, your property is the only one included with more detail than a standard email blast.

    To order Email Blasts, you must first have a property listing on the website. You can order this service via your listing under the actions column under "Upgrade".

    Once your service is purchased, we will contact to you to pick the best date to send out your property announcement. If you have no preference, it will go out with the next scheduled email blast.

    The photography service is extended to residents residing within 60 miles of Los Angeles, California. It serves as a method to obtain the best photographs of your property.

    We send out one of our staff to photograph your property, capturing high resolution, well angled images that Location Managers look for when searching properties. All photos taken are released at your discretion.

    To order this service, login to your account, and choose Upgrade next to your listing under Actions. Once payment is received, we will contact you to arrange the appointment.

    Tips on How to Photograph Your Property

    FIRST AND FOREMOST: Avoid Vertical/Portrait style photos.

    Why? Depending on what type of device you took them with, they may not automatically turn right side up when uploaded. This will result in forcing viewers to turn their head sideways to view your images. Horizontal/Landscape images are preferred by Location Professionals.

    The photos that are presented in your property profile should be of high quality and really show off the features that you have to offer. The property should be clean and neat. Remember you are selling your product to scouts and filmmakers. Location scouts present property photos in a certain format and in a certain order. Photographs may be in JPG, GIF or PNG formats and cannot exceed 8 mega pixels. If you would like Reel Locations to provide a professional location photographer to shoot your property and submit your listing, click here to see our additional services and upgrades.

    Steps to photographing your property as a film location.

    1. 1. Take a photo that best describes the type of property you are submitting. For example, if it is your home take a photo from the street showing the front of your home. This is your “Main Image” and will be displayed first.
    2. 2. Next take photos of the street in both directions.
    3. 3. Take a closer photo of the front of your home featuring the front door.
    4. 4. Take a photo from the front door looking out to the street.
    5. 5. Now go inside and take 2 photos of the entryway, one with the door open and one with the door closed.
    6. 6. Next photograph the main rooms of the house in this order, such as living room, den, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom and bath. If you have additional rooms that you think might be of interest shoot those as well. For example, you might have a basement or a recording studio. It is best to shoot 2 photos of each room from opposing diagonal angles.
    7. 7. Lastly photograph the backyard. Be sure to show any special features such as a pool or tennis court. Be sure to take a wide shot showing the back of the house.