1 -- Location Managers create a free membership to search our database.

2 -- Location Managers browse our database and bookmark properties they would like further information on.

3 -- Using our internal property request system via the member's main dashboard "My Account", the Location Manager provides Show Info and then chooses "Request Property Info".

4 -- ReelLocations.Com then contacts the property owner on the Location Manager's behalf to verify availability.

5 -- Once property availablility is verified, releases the location and contact information to the Location Manager via email. Site rental fee and filming details are negotiated between the location manager and the property owner. is not a “Location Service” and we do not charge a commission fee.

In order to qualify for free membership, you must work primarily as a location manager, scout or assistant, whether you are union or non-union, and be a member of at least one of the following organizations: Teamsters 399, LGMA, Locolist, and/or Location X. You may also qualify by providing at least 3 credits or references.

For individuals that do not belong to any of these locations, we encourage you to create a GUEST account. To learn more about Guest Accounts, click here.

All Location Mananger Accounts are verified before being activated.

To bookmark a property, you must be logged in to your account.

Search the database for the property you are interested in, click the Property Details and then click Bookmark Property (located at the topright column).

Once you have bookmarked a property, you may see the list of properties by visiting "My Account".

NOTE: To request property information, your bookmarked property must have the following variables met:

  • The property must include your job/show and contact information. The more information you include, the faster your request can be processed.
To enlarge thumbnails on any property, click one thumbnail to activate the light box and then use your right arrow key on your keyboard or use left click on your mouse to shuffle through every image.

Your membership information is for internal use only. It is not given to any third party without your specific permission.

We use your email address to send information on new and featured properties available via our newsletter, however, you may control delivery of such by opting out of our "newsletter" by editing your profile.

The newsletter is separate from communications related to requesting properties. Unsubscribing from the newsletter will not affect your ability to request property information.

To print property details (thumbnails, property description, etc.), click Download PDF and save this document to your computer for printing.