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What if I do not belong to a union or assocation?

At Reel Locations we encourage all production companies to work with professional and experienced Location Scouts and Managers. However if you do not qualify to register as a Location Manager or Scout and you would still like to use our services you may register as a "Guest".

How does a GUEST membership work?

A guest membsership operates exactly like our Professional Location Scout membership, however with one difference. A "Guest" may peruse and bookmark the properties available, as well as request contact information via email on any property in our database. Reel Locations will contact the property owner initially to verify that they are available and interested in hosting your production.

If after Reel Locations contacts and verifies that the property is available and the Guest would like to proceed with the property information request they will be invoiced $29.95 / per listing and payment is required before contact information is released.*

*A Property Owner has the right to refuse release of information to any member.